As the largest concrete pumping service in the United States, Brundage-Bone continues to lead the industry in technology, customer service and safety.  This commitment to being the best is what continues to spur its near constant growth, and as a result, Brundage-Bone is now a truly nation-wide company.

In a relatively stable marketplace, business largely reflects two factors: the economy, and service.  While the national economy is out of their hands, Brundage-Bone considers customer service the backbone of its company and an aspect always worth improving.  By building new relationships and retaining customers, Brundage-Bone grows where others might stall.

In addition to providing top notch quality services, Brundage-Bone is committed to safety.  In fact, Brundage-Bone is the only concrete pumping company that employs full time safety training employees and hosts the Brundage-Bone Concrete University, which issues training and safety certificates where the minimum begins above industry standard.

Never satisfied, Brundage-Bone has seized the industry initiative with its creation and development of the Mudsnake, an advanced collapsible hose capable of withstanding high pressures and used for pumping concrete into tight spaces. Reflecting its refusal to compromise quality and service, Brundage-Bone’s development of the Mudsnake increased both safety and productivity in one efficient move.

Of course, leading the industry in technology, customer service and safety would be impossible without a highly talented staff.  Brundage-Bone is proud to employ a talented group of leaders and industry pioneers throughout its many locations. Among them, Brundage-Bone boasts no less than 13 employees who each have over 30 years experience in the field – a nearly impossible standard to match.

Brundage-Bone’s success can be largely attributed to its ability not only to attract, but to retain high quality employees.  With our extensive network of nationwide locations, Brundage-Bone is prepared to serve all your concrete pumping needs.